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Looking to make an investment in the Nashville real estate market by purchasing a home to use for short term rentals, but not sure where to begin? I can help. As you may already know, tourism in Nashville is increasing at a rapid rate, and the short-term rental market is growing along with it. Without knowledge of the market however, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate. I can assist you with everything from finding a property, securing a permit, and everything in between.

While short-term rentals do request more hands-on management than long-term rentals, they can bring in greater returns, which is why more investors are choosing short-term rental properties in Nashville. Below are three more reasons you might consider.

3 Reasons to Buy a Short-Term Rental Property in Nashville



Let me help you sell your home faster and for a higher price as your Compass Concierge. I"ll help you maximize your home's value by fronting the cost of home improvement services like staging, flooring, painting, and more. It's fast, easy, transparent, and smart.

No upfront costs, no interest, no hidden fees - ever.



How It Works

1. You and your agent work together to decide which services can increase your homes value the most and set an estimated budget for the work.

2. When you're ready to start, I'll be by your side to assist with vendors and commission work.

3. Once the transformation is complete, your home will go on the market.

4. You'll pay for your services when one of the following happens - your home sells, you terminate your listing agreement with Compass, or 12 months pass from your Concierge start date.

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